The Manic Hatter

Move over Mad Hatter because here comes someone far more deranged…The Manic Hatter!!

See mugshot below for a quick look at this unhinged character:


See…crazy!! It’s all in the eyes.

Ok, so I’ve been crocheting for around 2 weeks now and loving every minute. When I’m not doing crochet, I’m thinking about crochet. When I was drifting off to sleep the other night, I actually caught myself reciting how to do a Half-Double crochet: “yarn over, pull through, yarn over, pull through all 3 loops, yarn over…”. Counting sheep is so passé.

This week, I’ve been practicing crocheting in circles as opposed to straight crochet in preparation for making the Yoda hats for my best friend’s boys.

I used a free pattern for a Bow Tie Hat created by Melanie Ham. If you feel compelled to give these lovely hats a go, then visit Melanie’s website at and sign up to her newsletter – you will immediately receive an email containing a PDF of this pattern. Wonderful!

The pattern instructions were really clear and easy to follow for both the basic beanie and the bow. This beanie actually starts with a chain loop instead of the magic loop which I actually prefer because the magic loop isn’t so magical for me, I just end up in tangles. Chain 4 then slip stitch to join the ends…easy, peasy!

I started off my first attempt with a small ball of yarn donated kindly by my friend, Rachel. The hardest part was counting the stitch pattern with each increase. It really tested my ability to count to 6, I blame Rachel’s other half, Ben, for distracting me so I kept losing my rhythm. How dare he assume I can count stitches and have a conversation simultaneously!

So I ran out of the first yarn and grabbed a random white yarn of similar weight and carried on. Finished the beanie in the women’s loose fit size (21-23 inches head circumference, 8 1/2 – 9 inches length), felt it looked a little small but figured it would stretch out and proceeded to make the bow with the leftover yarn from my gloves in a previous post. It looked very pretty when I finished. I was so pleased. Then I put it on…I’ll rephrase…I tried to put it on. I couldn’t even pull it over the crown of my head.


I will admit, I was a little downhearted but I showed it to Nanny and the mother-in-law, they both reckoned the second yarn I’d used wasn’t a stretchy enough choice so I routed through the wool basket and pulled out a lovely purple chunky yarn and, undeterred by my first failing, I made my second hat…This went much better and fitted!!


Both hats were made following the same sizing directions. You totally see the difference so choosing the right yarn – very important!


My third hat was made with the intention of being something I would wear in public so I had to get everything right this time. I chose the right yarns for beanie and bow, got my tension just right and even adjusted the number of increase rounds to make the hat slightly looser for my personal preference. And it’s so beautiful…If I do say so myself. I think this hat deserves a matching snood.


Going back to the size adjustments, the pattern calls for 9 rounds of increases but I did a 10th round just for a better fit. Honestly, you could make a practice hat, sticking strictly to the instructions given, then use it as a guide for making the next one. All you need to do is add or subtract the number of increase rounds to tailor your hat specifically to you or whoever you’re gifting it to.

Blog Moral: Even when projects don’t seem to be going your way just…Keep Calm and Crochet On! Learn from your mistakes and try again because practice makes perfect. The purple one will be going to my mum because she loves purple. Result!

Stay Creative Peeps!




7 thoughts on “The Manic Hatter

  1. quietwatercraft says:

    Ahaha who is this pattern for?? It can’t possibly be real human beings. I’ve followed the ‘looser fit’ instructions and there is no way in hell this thing is going to fit on my head!
    Perhaps I just have an overly large head :p

    Liked by 1 person

    • HomemadeGeek says:

      I know right. It is very important to choose a yarn with a good amount of give in it but even I had to adjust the pattern to make it fit comfortably and my head only measures 21 inches around and that was supposed to be top end of women’s small fitted size and bottom end of loose fit so should’ve had plenty of room 😀

      Liked by 1 person

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