Shark Attack!

Dah-num……Dah-num……Dah-na, Dah-na, Dah-na…DAH-NANA!!


Remember the films: JAWS, Deep Blue Sea…Sharknado, perhaps.

Well, get out of the water because here comes…SHARK BEANIE!!


This crochet project, like its real-life namesake, really did come out of the blue. It was Monday – I was wandering over to Rachel’s for an afternoon of coffee and chat when it suddenly occurred to me that amongst my Brother’s birthday and Mother’s Day, I was sure there was another special day looming in March – Oh god! My Godson, Jensen, was turning 2 in 3 days and I had completely forgotten.

I was concerned that he would be destined for a shop-bought present this year as I had no idea what to make or if I even had the time to make and post anything before the day. I texted my fiancรฉ, Richard, at work, to let him know that our reputation as awesome godparents was at stake and asked for ideas on what to do. Typical bloke, his suggestion was to just send the card on time and send the present as soon as I’d made it, slightly late. Ridiculous…you can’t send a present slightly late; before you know it, you’ve got a reputation for sending things, slightly late. This wouldn’t do.

I spent the afternoon scouring Pinterest and for ideas. I knew my friend, Tasha (Jensen’s mother), loved sharks and my mother-in-law had made him a hooded shark body-warmer for his christening present so it seemed like a good theme to continue. I texted Richard again: ‘What about a shark?’ He replied: ‘Hat would be a cool idea…’ Turns out he meant to say: ‘That would be a cool idea…’ Thank god for typos.

I found a free written shark hat pattern online by RepeatCrafterMe:

It was very easy to follow and caters for sizes: 0-3 months, Toddler-Preschooler/Nursery (I imagine this size to fit 2-4/5 yrs old), Child, Teen-Adult. I highly recommend this pattern for beginners and experts alike.

It took me all of Monday evening to crochet the beanie with ear-flaps, the gums and teeth. Then a couple of hours, watching Tuesday morning TV, to finish the dorsal fin and add the plaited tassels. The pattern didn’t ask for tassels but I think they finish the hat nicely.

Needless to say, it was posted with a card that day and I messaged Tasha to tell her to expect the parcel. Job done.

I will add that I also had an unexpected witness to my triumph, a salesperson from SafestyleUK; he requested a shark hat in Adult size as part of the deal for getting us a good price on new windows (Ring the manager to get authorisation good price). Haha.


I will update this post shortly with a new photo of Jensen wearing his new hat, hopefully.

Enjoy your day and Stay Creative.



5 thoughts on “Shark Attack!

    • HomemadeGeek says:

      Thanks very much. That is a massive compliment and yes I definitely am a beginner; only been doing crochet a month now. Wow that went by fast haha I know you could do just as well ๐Ÿ˜€


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