Diamond Stitches Are Forever.

Mother’s Day Gift No.2 Complete!

This one is actually for my own dear mother – the one that went through 44 hours of labour to bring me kicking and screaming into the world – Thank god the pill failed! Haha.

My mum is a wonderfully supportive and encouraging woman with an extraordinary super-power that still makes the blood of my Brother and me run cold – the Disappointed Look. This is a super-power I hope genetics has passed on for when I have children; parenting will be so much easier.

Ever since I started crocheting over a month ago now, my poor mum has had to endure an extensive Show-and-Tell presentation with our weekly Skype call. I imagine she’s having flashbacks to when I was at Primary School. Every call now starts with: “Look what I made Mum!”

And what a proud mother she is!

We spend a couple of hours every Sunday morning, with a cup of tea and some toast, talking about: what I’ve been making, my Brother, what I could make, her office dramas, how much I could sell my projects for, her WIPs (writing!), and generally putting the world to rights before signing off again.

When I moved from Somerset to Kent for university and my fiancé, 2 and a half years ago, I never realised how much I’d miss my weekly ritual with my mum. Every Saturday, we’d go into town at around 10am – our first stop would be Costas coffee shop (a medium skinny latte for me and a medium caramel latte for Mum), we’d sit and chat for a couple of hours then wander down to Debenhams and work our way back via various shops to Sainsburys for food shopping and walk home – usually arriving back by about 4pm.

So when I racked my brains for the perfect present for my mum, I remembered she really liked the laptop sleeve I made and remarked that she can never find a cover she likes. Well, your wish is my command, Mum!

I started by choosing the perfect yarn, I went for James C Brett’s Twinkle yarn in Purple (my mum loves purple and I wanted something that looked a bit special).

I scoured YouTube for some more aesthetically pleasing stitches and found this tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TJQ8Jt2c9ik&ab_channel=BellaCoco

I decided not to follow a pattern for this sleeve and purely rely on my vague stitch knowledge.

And here it is…

A Twinkly Laptop Sleeve with Raised Diamond Stitch.


We should all make time for our mums because time with them is precious.

Love you Mum. Xx

Happy Mother’s Day. Stay Creative.




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