Sugar and Spice.

The last few weeks of my crochet journey have been dominated by unicorns, more unicorns…oh! and more unicorns.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve immensely enjoyed making them and trying the different patterns but now I’m seeing nothing but rainbows and need a break.

I started with a free pattern from Simply Crochet Magazine Issue 54, this also came with all the yarn I needed and the safety eyes so there was no need to wait.

And this was the result…


This one actually went to Rachel’s other half, Ben, just because he liked it – I do tease him about his manliness. You can see why.

Next, I wanted to make some proper unicorn dolls for my 3 young nieces so I searched YouTube for some good tutorials to follow and found this one:



Upon reflection, I actually thought this would be better for a baby or toddler rather than a child. My mother-in-law was due to go to my fiance’s cousin’s Christening that weekend, for her little girl, Grace which was perfect as we couldn’t go. Her mum, Anneka, loved it!

It was halfway through making the last unicorn that I actually found exactly what I’d been looking for. The perfect unicorn doll! A free two-part crochet pattern by FurlsCrochet.

Part One:

Part Two:

And here they are…


Three little unicorns for three little girls. Absolutely magical!!

Thanks for reading.

Stay Creative.

P.S: I have received interest from some of you regarding the first unicorn I made from Simply Crochet Magazine. I understand that the issue is now out of stock so here is a link:

SC Unicorn Pattern

Your welcome.

Happy Crocheting!


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