Hey. I’m Kelly.

For those of you that just want the long and short of who I am, here I am in a nutshell, or rather in a few short sentences: Fianceé. Sister. Rolemodel. Student Writer at CCCU. Enthusiastic Crocheter and Baker. Shortbread Devotee. Lover of all things Harry Potter and Corgi related. For those that have time to kill, read on…

Don’t you just dread hearing this phrase: “So, tell me about yourself…?” Well I do. Whether it’s my Media tutor asking me to write an 800 word biography or an interviewer trying to break the ice; these five words always make me want to crawl into a dark corner somewhere, hug my knees and cry. Why? Well, two reasons:

Firstly, no one likes bragging about themselves; it just feels obnoxious somehow. And secondly, the terrifying realisation that immediately worms its way into your brain: I’m not very interesting!

Nevertheless, here we go…

I’m from Somerset, born and bred aka. The West Country; home to cider-drinking, pirate accents, and a band called The Wurzels. And proud of it, Babe!

I’m the oldest of 3 children, though I navigated my teen years as the oldest of eight when you count stepbrothers and sisters, foster kids, etc; our house at Christmas was chaos – a landslide of presents took over the living room and the only way we could all get round the table for dinner was to lay wooden planks across existing dining chairs. I told you – Chaos.

Now, when I’m not pretending to be a responsible adult by studying for my undergraduate degree, I like to don my Super-girl onesie and curl up on the sofa with my wonderful fiancé, Rich. We then proceed to while away the hours binge-watching Netflix and playing World of Warcraft, simultaneously. Quick side note, if Warhammer is your thing, please check out Rich’s instagram: sariusstudios. Thanks.

Now back to me: I also enjoy baking awesome birthday cakes for my family…because who doesn’t like whimsically decorated cakes in the shape of their favourite hobbies or Marvel characters. My highest baking achievements so far: a Chevrolet Camaro SS (aka. Bumblebee from the new Transformers movie franchise) for my brother’s 18th and more recently a Deadpool head cake that I made for my fiancé’s 29th birthday which had a glowing success on Facebook with 26 likes (admittedly from family and friends). Go me!

I have recently taken up crochet and I am currently working on a few writing projects. The main ones:

A Steam-punk novel, based in a new and exciting world that I’m creating, complete with flying ships and a buccaneer crew of quirky characters including a pilot who suffers from Acrophobia (a fear of heights). Oh the irony!

And a Spy series for older children which follows the many exploits (past and present) of 65 year old, Skittles Champion and Secret Agent, Leon Jeffries. This series will give a whole new meaning to the acronym O.A.P; so stand by because retirement just got EXTREME!

Ok…so enough rambling. Back to creating!