Deerey me.

What an amazing Crochet ride I've been on so far. My nimble fingers haven't stopped for a second. I've made unicorns, teacups, shark and Yoda beanies, laptop sleeves, cosy socks, and I'm sure there's probably more. And now...drum-roll, please... I've crocheted a cuddly John Deere style Tractor toy for my 2 year old Nephew, Louie. … Continue reading Deerey me.


Tea, Anyone?

Disappointingly there's not much of a story behind this one. Sorry folks. I was trolling Pinterest...(again!) for mother's day gift ideas. My mother-in-law is an annoyingly practical woman which means when it comes to presents, anything considered nice is wasted on her - it's either practical or you'll never see her use it. I swear … Continue reading Tea, Anyone?

Shark Attack!

Dah-num......Dah-num......Dah-na, Dah-na, Dah-na...DAH-NANA!!   Remember the films: JAWS, Deep Blue Sea...Sharknado, perhaps. Well, get out of the water because here comes...SHARK BEANIE!! This crochet project, like its real-life namesake, really did come out of the blue. It was Monday - I was wandering over to Rachel's for an afternoon of coffee and chat when it … Continue reading Shark Attack!