Deerey me.

What an amazing Crochet ride I've been on so far. My nimble fingers haven't stopped for a second. I've made unicorns, teacups, shark and Yoda beanies, laptop sleeves, cosy socks, and I'm sure there's probably more. And now...drum-roll, please... I've crocheted a cuddly John Deere style Tractor toy for my 2 year old Nephew, Louie. … Continue reading Deerey me.


Sugar and Spice.

The last few weeks of my crochet journey have been dominated by unicorns, more unicorns...oh! and more unicorns. Don't get me wrong, I've immensely enjoyed making them and trying the different patterns but now I'm seeing nothing but rainbows and need a break. I started with a free pattern from Simply Crochet Magazine Issue 54, … Continue reading Sugar and Spice.

Tea, Anyone?

Disappointingly there's not much of a story behind this one. Sorry folks. I was trolling Pinterest...(again!) for mother's day gift ideas. My mother-in-law is an annoyingly practical woman which means when it comes to presents, anything considered nice is wasted on her - it's either practical or you'll never see her use it. I swear … Continue reading Tea, Anyone?

Shark Attack!

Dah-num......Dah-num......Dah-na, Dah-na, Dah-na...DAH-NANA!!   Remember the films: JAWS, Deep Blue Sea...Sharknado, perhaps. Well, get out of the water because here comes...SHARK BEANIE!! This crochet project, like its real-life namesake, really did come out of the blue. It was Monday - I was wandering over to Rachel's for an afternoon of coffee and chat when it … Continue reading Shark Attack!